• Ha Dong Kyun

    Ha Dong Kyun

    Ha Dong Kyun is a South Korean pop singer known for his distinctive husky voice and power ballads... More

    44 languages
  • Lee Min Ho

    Lee Min Ho

    One of the most popular South Korean actors today also sings! Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor,... More

    43 languages
  • Status Single

    Status Single

    Status Single More

    9 languages
  • Han Hyo Joo

    Han Hyo Joo

    Han Hyo Joo is a South Korean actress, model and singer who was first discovered at a beauty page... More

    2 languages
  • Super Junior

    Super Junior

    Super Junior is a very popular boy band that debuted in 2005 with 12 members: Leeteuk, Heechul, H... More

    35 languages


    BIGBANG (or Big Bang) is a South Korean hip hop boy band that debuted in 2006 and is widely consi... More

    41 languages
  • 2NE1


    2NE1 is a South Korean hip-hop girl group that debuted in 2009 and was named “Best New Band in th... More

    38 languages
  • Epik High

    Epik High

    Epik High is a South Korean alternative hip-hop group that debuted in 2003 and is now considered ... More

    16 languages
  • Kim Hyun Joong

    Kim Hyun Joong is a South Korean singer and actor and also leader of boyband SS501 who is on hiat... More

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  • miss A

    miss A

    Miss A is a South Korean-Chinese girl group that has had a number of No. 1 hits and has enjoyed w... More

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