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g.o.d, an acronym for “Groove Over Dose,” is one of South Korea’s original boy groups and one of the few to top more than a million in album sales. The group, consisting of Kim Tae Woo (main vocals), Son Ho Young (vocals), Danny Ahn (main rapper), and Park Joon Hyung (leader and lead rapper), debuted in 1999 and released seven successful albums, with two selling almost 2 million copies. The group disbanded in 2006, and all the members have since moved on to solo careers. But three of the members did reunite in 2012 for a musical festival appearance. Yoon Kye Sang also is a former vocalist with the group. Watch the music videos of some of g.o.d’s most popular songs, including “To Mother,” “Observation,” “Need You,” “Lie,” and “After You Left Me.”

Country: Korea
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