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Yoo In Na is a model, singer, and actress from South Korea. Her career so far has not been a long one, but already she is well-loved by her fans, and her acting has been praised by critics. She was born on June 5, 1982. She first began acting in 2006 with a very small role in the movie Arang. In 2009, she was given one of the largest roles on the comedic show High Kick Through the Roof. The quirky show was a huge hit with fans and helped her become more popular. In 2010, she appeared on the reality show Heroes, which was something like a live popularity contest among women celebrities. That same year, she had one of the main roles on the fantasy show Secret Garden. The following year, she starred on the show The Greatest Love and also had a supporting role on the show Birdie Buddy. She also acted in the movie My Black Mini Dress. For the film, she collaborated with other singers to perform a song. Her latest work has been starring on the show Queen In-Hyun’s Man. She is also hosting her own radio show, called Yoo In Na’s Let’s Crank Up the Volume.
Country: Korea
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