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Park Soo Jin has always dreamed of being seen on the set, even in smaller roles. Her transition from life to the stage has been intertwined through role after role of playing her parts to their fullest. Park Soo Jin began her career singing in a girl band called Sugar starting in the end of 2001 with their debut singles, Sweet Love and Tell Me Why. They had also broke out into the Japanese market with a song in Japanese titled TAKE IT TAKE IT for the introductory animation for an anime called Kaleido Star. She left the band in 2006 because her interest had always been in film. The group had also not been very popular in South Korea. She has played many roles for SBS television shows, dramas, and sitcoms, as well as modeling. She has played roles in various romantic comedy series such as playing Eun Hye ln in My Girlfriend Is a Nine Tailed Fox.
Country: Korea
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