BIGBANG (or Big Bang) is a South Korean hip hop boy band that debuted in 2006 and is widely consi... More

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  • Ha Dong Kyun

    Ha Dong Kyun

    Ha Dong Kyun is a South Korean pop singer known for his distinctive husky voice and power ballads... More

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  • miss A

    miss A

    Miss A is a South Korean-Chinese girl group that has had a number of No. 1 hits and has enjoyed w... More

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  • Lee Min Ho

    Lee Min Ho

    One of the most popular South Korean actors today also sings! Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor,... More

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  • Brown Eyed Girls

    Brown Eyed Girls, also known as B.E.G., is a popular South Korean girl group. Debuting in 2006 wi... More

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  • Penny Dai

    Penny Dai

    Penny Dai is a Malaysian pop singer and songwriter who won “Best Composer” at the 17th Golden Mel... More

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  • Zeng Yu Jia

    Zeng Yu Jia

    Zeng Yu Jia is a Taiwanese pop singer who rose to fame as a contestant in the popular Taiwanese t... More

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  • M&N


    M&N is the much-anticipated first sub-unit made up of two of the four members of the popular Kore... More

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  • Jing Bo Ran

    Jing Bo Ran

    Jing Bo Ran is a Chinese pop singer and half of the singing duo BoBo. Born on April 19, 1989, in ... More

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  • Edison Chen
    Hong Kong

    Edison Chen

    Edison Chen is a well-known actor, producer, hip hop singer and fashion designer in Hong Kong and... More

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