• Eric Nam

    Eric Nam

    Eric Nam is a s a Korean-American soloist signed under B2M Entertainment, who rose to fame after ... More

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  • Mono Music

    Mono Music

    Mono Music More

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  • Nicholas Teo

    Nicholas Teo

    Nicholas Teo is a Malaysian pop singer who is popular in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and other As... More

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  • After School

    After School

    After School, a South Korean girl group, is the first to introduce an orderly system for admittin... More

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  • Edison Chen
    Hong Kong

    Edison Chen

    Edison Chen is a well-known actor, producer, hip hop singer and fashion designer in Hong Kong and... More

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  • ZE:A


    ZE:A, also known as Children of Empire, is a nine-member South Korean boy band that has enjoyed t... More

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  • Kim Jin Ho

    Kim Jin Ho

    Kim Jin Ho is a popular pop and R&B singer who is a member of the highly successful and popular S... More

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  • Tiger JK

    Tiger JK

    Tiger JK is a highly respected Korean American rapper, considered as one of the true pioneers of ... More

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  • Status Single

    Status Single

    Status Single More

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  • M.I.B.


    MIB, which stands for “Most Incredible Busters,” is a South Korean hip hop group that debuted in ... More

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