• G-Twenty


    G-Twenty More

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  • Ailee


    Ailee is the stage name of Lee Ye Jin, a Korean American R&B singer and actress who debuted in 20... More

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  • Jewelry


    Jewelry is a popular South Korean pop quartet that debuted in 2001 and is considered the longest-... More

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  • Girls' Generation

    Girls’ Generation is a nine-member South Korean girl group that has been dubbed “The Nation’s Sin... More

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  • Jiro Wang / 汪東城

    Jiro Wang is an actor and singer from Taiwan, and one of the members of the Taiwanese group Fahre... More

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  • J'Kyun


    J’Kyun is a South Korean rapper and singer who is known as the “hip hop prince.” He is popular fo... More

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  • Jung Dong Ha

    Jung Dong Ha

    Jung Dong Ha (정동하), born on April 17, 1980, is a singer in South Korea. He was the 9th vocalist o... More

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  • Hu Ge

    Hu Ge

    Hu Ge is a Chinese film and television actor and pop singer. HuGe is best known for his role as L... More

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  • Eddy Kim

    Eddy Kim

    Kim Jung Hwan is the first male rookie under the label Mystic 89. He made it to the Top 6 on "Sup... More

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  • Yoon Mirae

    Yoon Mirae

    Yoon Mirae, also known as Tasha Reid, is one of the most influential Korean American hip hop arti... More

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