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Popular Artists

  • Guo Shu Yao

    Guo Shu Yao

    Guo Shu Yao, also known as Yao Yao, is a Taiwanese pop singer who is most famous for her figure. ... More

    11 languages
  • LC9


    LC9, which stands for “League of Competition #9,” is the much-anticipated new South Korean boy ba... More

    23 languages
  • miss A

    miss A

    Miss A is a South Korean-Chinese girl group that has had a number of No. 1 hits and has enjoyed w... More

    29 languages
  • Block B

    Block B

    Block B is a South Korean hip hop group created in 2011 by Cho PD, a well-known record producer a... More

    17 languages
  • Asian pop
    Various countries

    Asian pop

    ... More

    1 language
  • Kim Jin Ho

    Kim Jin Ho

    Kim Jin Ho is a popular pop and R&B singer who is a member of the highly successful and popular S... More

    17 languages
  • SPF


    SPF (Sun Protection Factor) More

    V languages
  • Nicholas Teo

    Nicholas Teo

    Nicholas Teo is a Malaysian pop singer who is popular in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and other As... More

    17 languages
  • Gary Cao

    Gary Cao

    Gary Cao is a Malaysian pop singer-songwriter known for his rich voice and phenomenal vocal range... More

    4 languages
  • Indian music

    Indian music

    A compilation of the most beautiful and melodic songs ever created in Hindi Film Music(Bollywood)... More

    6 languages
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