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Popular Artists

  • Paradise Ranch

    Paradise Ranch (Korean: 파라다이스 목장) is a 2011 South Korean television series that aired on SBS. It ... More

    6 languages
  • Lee Hong Ki

    Lee Hong Ki

    Lee Hong Ki ( 이홍기 ) is a South Korean idol singer, actor and MC. He is the lead vocalist of the K... More

    14 languages
  • Zeng Yu Jia

    Zeng Yu Jia

    Zeng Yu Jia is a Taiwanese pop singer who rose to fame as a contestant in the popular Taiwanese t... More

    11 languages
  • Steve Chou

    Steve Chou

    Steve Chou is a popular Taiwanese composer and singer who is known as the “Godfather of Love Song... More

    7 languages
  • Tube Obsessed
    Various countries

    Tube Obsessed

    Watching, Stalking, Reviewing, and Obsessing over Korean, Japanese, Taiwan, and American dramas s... More

    3 languages
  • By2


    This is a duo group who are twins. The older of the twin is Miko and the younger of the twin is Y... More

    4 languages
  • PeetPeera


    PeetPeera More

    V languages
  • Lee Joon Gi

    Lee Joon Gi

    Lee Joon-gi was born in Busan, South Korea raised by his father and mother. Although he had many ... More

    3 languages
  • C-Clown


    C-Clown (Korean: 씨클라운; short for Crown Clown) is a South Korean boy band under Yedang Entertainme... More

    12 languages
  • German MV

    German MV

    Enjoy German music. Videos by artists like "Xavier Naidoo", "Silbermond", "Rammstein", "Culcha Ca... More

    14 languages
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