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Crime & Mystery

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  • Lost


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  • Inner Circle

    Inner Circle

    Officer Kim (Cho Jae Hyun) thought he had seen it all as a police officer working in Seoul, but nothing could have prepared him for the rampant violence and corruption he encounters when he is tran... More

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  • The Four 2013

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  • Dig or Die

    Dig or Die

    Three dim-witted thieves all decide to steal a large amount of money held by the Korean police. Woo Jin, the son of a famous thief, decides to get his hands on a 5-billion-won stash, which happens ... More

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  • Next Heroes

    Next Heroes

    Hai Qiao is calm and decisive but at the same time delicate and considerate girl. Now she's coming back to Taiwan to enter Police Academy along with her sister, Han Zi. But she never thought that h... More

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  • Boys Can Fly

    Boys Can Fly

    Both known for their fierce fighting skill and volatile temper, Xia Jun Xiang (HANS CHUNG) and Cai Ming Yao's (ZHANG TING HU) rivalry came to a head in prison. Instead of a bloody confrontation, a ... More

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  • Cliff


    Everybody everyday is at work… Daily routine continues…However we don't realize we walk on the edge of a cliff… Until the things we lost hurt us… Our dreams, our loved ones, our future comes to our... More

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  • Bowery Blitzkrieg
    United States

    Bowery Blitzkrieg

    In this 1941 American film, a cop helps keep a kid out of trouble on the streets, while a petty criminal leads a studious kid astray. More

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  • The 39 Steps
    United Kingdom

    The 39 Steps

    The 39 Steps is a 1939 British thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. A man visiting London meets a woman who is running away from secret agents. He lets her hide in his flat, but when she's m... More

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  • Fiksimini


    Fiksimini is a short fiction movie about an Indonesian community of writers, poets and philosophers who post interesting and though-provoking stories on Twitter in 140 characters or less. Started w... More

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  • Cursed Fabric [segment need]

    In the past, Princess Seeked, the princess from the vassal state, is skillful in weaving the golden brocade in the royal palace. She meets Prince Tad. They fall in love with each other and Princess... More

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  • Sabotage (1936)
    United Kingdom

    Sabotage (1936)

    Sabotage (1936) is a British thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock. A Scotland Yard undercover detective named Ted Spencer is assigned to investigate Mr. Verloc, a cinema owner who is part of a gan... More

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