• I Live Alone

    I Live Alone

    It can be a badge of honor to be “single.” “I Live Alone” is a documentary-style South Korean reality series that follows the members of a self-formed club called Rainbow, which is comprised of cel... More

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  •  The First Step - Furukawa Yuki in Shanghai -

    This is your chance to see a fun, more open side of the hot Japanese star Yuki Furukawa like you’ve never seen before! “The First Step -Yuki Furukawa in Shanghai-” is a 2014 Japanese documentary th... More

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  • Flesh & Blood
    United States

    Flesh & Blood

    “Flesh & Blood” is Larry Silverman's compelling, critically acclaimed feature documentary about one of the most controversial and legendary practitioners of modern-day radical body modification. A... More

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  • Why We Fight: The Battle of China

    Chapter VI of Frank Capra's "Why We Fight" World War II propaganda film series More

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  • Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain

    Chapter IV of Frank Capra's "Why We Fight" World War II propaganda film series More

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  • In Search of Shakespeare
    United Kingdom

    In Search of Shakespeare

    Michael Wood tours the English locations important to William Shakespeare as he explores the playwright and poet's life and work. More

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  • Documentary of AKB48 Show Must Go On

    When Yasushi Akimoto created the Japanese girl group AKB48 in 2005, he broke all the rules for girl groups. The gamble has resulted in one of the most successful franchises that has rewritten the r... More

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  • Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer

    Chapter III of Frank Capra's "Why We Fight" World War II propaganda film series More

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  • Blood For Freedom

    Blood for Freedom tells a story of the Hmong people living in the Kaokor Mountains in Thailand from 1968 to 1982. The story is told through the eyes of Kaeng, a Hmong born, Thai-raised young man, w... More

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  • Time for Taiwan

    A guy is traveling through Taiwan solo and takes the wrong train and a girl ends up showing him around. The couple is seen cycling around Sun Moon Lake, a popular tourist resort advertised as the e... More

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  • Islands of Japan

    Discover the hidden lives of a variety of species that inhabit the islands of Japan, which is an archipelago spanning 3,500 km encompassing both subarctic and subtropical climates. Filmed over a sp... More

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  • Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream

    The Fire We All Have Inside … “Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream” is a feature documentary film that takes the viewer on an intimate roller coaster of pain and joy as actor Donnie Faught climbs hi... More

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