• Triple


    An aspiring figure skater gets more than she bargained for when is reunited with her stepbrother. Lee Ha Ru’s (Min Hyo Rin) mother and Shin Hwal’s (Lee Jung Jae) father were married when they were ... More

    15 languages
  • My Little Sister’s Lover

    Socially awkward, timid in love, and insecure, Miyuki Hoshino grew up with little sister Haruka, owner of a more proactive personality and good at getting what she wants, taking everything from her... More

    V languages
  • Strongest Chil Woo

    Kang Chil Woo (Eric) was a lowly police officer during the Joseon era. His parents were killed in a raid and his main goal was to stay below the radar to survive. However when his sister was killed... More

    6 languages
  • Definitely Neighbors

    Definitely Neighbors depicts happenings around a divorced couple, who accidentally becomes neighbors after their divorce. Kim Sung Jae (Son Hyun Joo) and Lee Jung Soon (Ban Hyo Jung) are married co... More

    39 languages
  • Le Jun Kai

    Le Jun Kai

    A man lives his life trying to foster a hatred for his enemy and devising ways to seek revenge. Le Jun Kai (Peter Ho) decides to marry his enemy’s daughter, Ye Zi (Janine Chang), and then proceeds ... More

    35 languages
  •  Banoo Main Teri Dulhann (I Will Be Your Bride)

    The story is about a beautiful, simple village woman named Vidya (Divyanka Tripathi) from Benaras. She is a Cinderella-type who does all the work in her household and her uncle, aunt and cousin tor... More

    6 languages
  • Eva Luna

    Eva Luna

    A young woman’s quest for happiness is marred by the secrets and deceptions perpetuated by an evil family. Eva González (Blanca Soto) came to Los Angeles with her father and sister in search of a b... More

    31 languages
  • Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

    Sanjana is a young, vibrant girl just out of college. She falls in love with Prem, a rich and eligible bachelor who goes out of his way to win her heart. But what happens when another man, also kno... More

    9 languages
  • Beijing Love Story

    When a group of friends play a game of “Truth or Dare” and challenge each other to obtain a young woman’s phone number, will they be able to muster up the courage? What happens when one of the youn... More

    18 languages
  • The Bought Husband - Complete

    A lakorn with a twist; showing the p'ek being ruled by the n'ek More

    4 languages
  • Birdie Buddy

    Birdie Buddy

    "Birdie Buddy" tells the story of former pro golfer John Lee and how he leads two women to become the next golf queens. John Lee became the first Korean to win a PGA title. His background was a mys... More

    25 languages
  • We Love You, Mr. Jin

    When your parents don’t approve of your spouse, is a happy life possible? Mi Xiao Mi (Li Xiao Lu) is a reporter for a Beijing news agency who meets and falls in love with Jin Liang (Wang Lei), a gy... More

    5 languages