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Chun Hyang, an old gisaeng’s daughter, is considered the most beautiful woman in the town of Namwon during the Chosun Dynasty. She falls in love with Mong Ryong, the son of the town magistrate, who is forced to move to Seoul with his father to complete his education. But the two lovers promise to wait for one another. When the new magistrate arrives in town, he is determined to bed the exquisite Chun Hyang and orders her to come to him at night. When she steadfastly refuses, he has her tortured and jailed. After Mong Ryong finishes his studies, he passes his state exam and becomes a special undercover agent to the king. But will he return to Namwon in time to save his true love?

Genres: Costume & Period, Classics, Drama
Country: Korea
Original title: 성춘향
Rating: PG-13
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