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A young couple celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary faces an unexpected challenge that will test their commitment to each other. On the day of her anniversary, Mo Rae (Shin Min Ah) goes to an art gallery to look for a gift for her husband, Sang In (Kim Tae Woo). There, she has sex with a good-looking stranger. Sang In is getting ready to realize his dream of becoming a chef, and a mentor, Du Re (Joo Ji Hoon), arrives from France to help Sang In open a restaurant. Mo Rae is shocked to learn that the mentor is the same man from the gallery. Can a young marriage survive the infidelity? Also known as “Kitchen,” this 2009 South Korean film is by first-time director Hong Ji Yeong.

Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Korea
Original title: 키친
Broadcast Network: MBC
Rating: PG-13
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