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International intrigue arrives in Korea when Lim Aryong (Shu Qi), daughter of a Hong Kong triad boss, takes refuge there after being wrongfully accused of killing another triad boss. A band of Korean gangsters, lead by the bumbling Han Ki Chul (Lee Beom Soo), is assigned to protect her during her time in Korea, but the group of misfits are saved by Aryong's superior fighting skills when assassins repeatedly come after her. To bridge the language barrier, the gangsters bring in Yeon Hee (Hyeon Yeong) to help translate Aryong's Mandarin into Korean. But the translator intentionally mistranslates Aryong's words, to much comedic effect. Will Aryong be able to clear herself of the false accusations of murder and return to Hong Kong? Or will she find another tie to Korea, her mother's homeland? Although the third offering in the "My Wife Is a Gangster" action-comedy series, this 2006 South Korean film by director Jo Jin Kyoo is unrelated to its predecessors. Appearances by Ti Lung and Ken Lo add some authentic Hong Kong cinematic credibility to the film.

Genres: Action & Adventure, Comedy
Country: Korea
Original title: 조폭 마누라 3
Broadcast Network: Hyunjin Cinema [현진시네마]
Rating: PG-13
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