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"Note: Some material might not be appropriate persons under 18. During Korea’s 18th century Chosun Dynasty, the slightest impropriety can be punished with flogging, torture, and even dismemberment and death. Kim Yoon Seo (Suk Kyu Han), a police inspector, stumbles into an erotic world never before imagined that changes the course of his life forever. Asked by the king to investigate a forgery of a drawing by his favorite concubine, Jung Bin (Min Jung Kim), Yoon Seo discovers the underground workshop of Hwang the bookseller (Dal Su Oh), who is preparing an erotic novel for publication. Yoon Seo overcomes his initial shock over such illegal material and soon writes his own erotic novel, which becomes a bestseller. He also begins an illicit affair with Jung Bin and writes an erotic novel about her. He recruits another inspector, Lee Gwang Hun (Beom Su Lee), to illustrate the novel, allowing him to watch the two being intimate so that he would know what he is being asked to illustrate. Will Yoon Seo pay dearly for his forbidden acts or will he be able to survive the king’s mighty wrath? “Forbidden Quest” is a 2006 historical film from South Korean director Kim Dae Wu."

Genres: Costume & Period, Crime & Mystery, Drama
Country: Korea
Original title: 음란서생
Broadcast Network: CJ Entertainment
Rating: NC-17
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