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The 1940s in Seoul was a time of disorder and confusion, and people had to adopt Japanese names in order to survive the Japanese occupation. Ever since the Japanese have been stationed in Chosun, they have been searching for "The Light of the East," the symbol of Shilla's 1,000-year reign placed on the forehead of the Buddha statue in Seokguram. After several years of endless searching, the head of the Japanese military succeeds in finding "The Light of the East" and holds a send-off party for the diamond to be quickly taken away to Japan. Will they succeed?
Genres: Action & Adventure, Korean Drama, Comedy, Drama
Country: Korea
Original title: 원스어펀어타임
Broadcast Network: Chinese Television System (CTS)
Broadcast Period: 2006-06-14 to 2006-07-17
Rating: PG-13
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