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One of the most beloved children’s book characters, Curious George is a cute little brown monkey who is captured from his home in Africa and brought to a big city to live in a zoo by the Man With the Yellow Hat. When he escapes from the zoo, the Man With the Yellow Hat finds him and takes him home with him to live. As the Man takes George on various outings, George’s curiosity gets the better of him and he gets himself into one pickle or another. But the Man With the Yellow Hat always arrives just in time to save him from his predicaments. Fall in love all over again with this delightful character with the inquisitive nature.

Genres: Family & Kids, Cartoons
Country: United States
Original title: Curious George Season 1
Broadcast Network: PBS
Broadcast Period: 2006-09-04 to 2007-02-23
Rating: PG-13
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