Tsukiko Otonashi is not your typical police detective. Stylish and fashionable, she looks more like a beautiful model than an excellent detective, but her talents should not be underestimated because men fall at her feet. Otonashi takes a unique approach to solving crimes that incorporates her obsession with urban legends, oftentimes trying to prove them to be true with her investigation. Crime lab officer Hiroto Katsuura, who has a crush on Otonashi, is at her side to provide assistance through his methodical skills and unparalleled memory. But his obsessive-compulsive need for cleanliness has Katsuura trying to clean up crime scenes and accidentally contaminating the evidence. Can Otonashi use her unusual crime-solving techniques to prove that urban legends are real?
17 languages
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Original title
Broadcast Network
TV Asahi
Broadcast Period
2012-04-13 to 2012-06-08
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