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Taiwanese version of Zettai Kareshi. Guan Xiao Fei has always been missing her chance for love. One day she decides to order a personalized android “Absolute Boyfriend” Nightly. However, childhood friend Zong Shi has always liked Xiao Fei in secret. Between the perfect lover Night and the caring Zong Shi, who will Xiao Fei choose in the end?
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Taiwan
Original title: 絕對達令
Volunteer Channel Team: Boyfriend Team The volunteer team (people just like you!) that has written the subtitles on these videos. Want to join the fun? Contact the Channel Manager!
Broadcast Network: FTV / GTV
Broadcast Period: 2012-04-08 to 2012-07-01
Rating: PG-13
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