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Xie An Zhen (Sonia Sui) thought she had the perfect life. Married to Wen Rui Fan (James Wen) with a wonderful 5-year-old daughter, An Zhen couldn’t be happier. But then her perfect world comes crashing down when she discovers that her husband is cheating on her with her cousin, Lie Wei En (Amanda Zhu). Furious and upset, An Zhen has no choice but to file for divorce. The ensuing proceedings become a battle of strategy and wits as tempers fly and hormones rage. An Zhen’s best male friend Lan Tian Wei (Chris Wang) is always there to provide a shoulder for her to cry on. “The Fierce Wife” is a 2010 Taiwanese drama series directed by Xu Fu Jun. It was nominated in numerous categories at the 46th Golden Bell Awards, and Amanda Zhu won the Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series award for her role.
Original title
Romanized title
Xi Li Ren Qi
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2010-11-05 to 2011-04-15
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