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A Robinhood of the Chosun Dynasty, Il Ji Mae is an outlaw who steals from corrupt government officials and gives back to the poor. But the masked outlaw didn’t start out trying to be the hero of the common folk. Losing his memory after the traumatic experience of witnessing the killing of his father when he was a young boy, Il Ji Mae has been trying to find a unique emblematic sword used to kill his father. Will he be able to find the sword and bring the sword’s owner to justice? “Il Ji Mae” is a 2008 South Korean historical drama series that originally aired on SBS and was produced by Lee Yong Suk. It is loosely based on a comic book by Ko Woo Yung, but the official rights to the original comic went to MBC, which broadcast its own version of the story in 2009. Many of the young stars on the series won awards during the 2008 SBS Drama Awards.

Genres: Romance, Action & Adventure, Korean Drama, Costume & Period, Drama
Country: Korea
Original title: 일지매
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 2008-05-21 to 2008-07-24
Rating: PG-13
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