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Married for 7 years, Shen Yi Zhen (Tian Xin) and Li Zhao Wen (Chris Lee) has a marriage many envy. However, due to work, Yi Zhen writes down what she wants to say to her husband in a notebook instead. Over time, the couple speaks lesser and lesser, and she is worried that they will stop talking altogether one day. When she expresses her worries to him, he replies, ‘dont worry. There’ll be a lot of topics to talk about when we have a baby.’ Despite having difficulty becoming pregnant, Yi Zhen starts to anticipate the arrival of a baby too. Little did she know that it was instead the beginning of the breakdown of her marriage. Someone once told her that finding her own place/standing in the world is happiness. She starts to wonder where she belongs to. At this point, she comes to know Shang En/Sean (Darren), who is a complete opposite of Zhao Wen. As they become closer, they cross the friendship boundary. When her husband found out about it, a seemingly perfect marriage for 7 years starts to break down. What will Yi Zhen do about the 2 of them, where is it that she belongs to? (Synopsis credit: http://www.avirtualvoyage.net)

Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Taiwan
Broadcast Network: TTV
Broadcast Period: 2013-06-28 to 2013-10-04
Rating: PG-13
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