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The Fate Cupid - Likit Kammathep - ลิขิตกามเทพ
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Karnploo is dumped and swindled by her long time boyfriend. To cheer her up, her friends take her out for a girls night out and in despair, Karnploo drinks herself silly. At the club, she meets Nit (Pinitnai), a proper man who hates loose and uninhibited woman. When he meets the intoxicated Karnploo for the first time, Nit misunderstands that she is a party girl and an improper woman, the type of woman he hates the most. That night, the drunken Karnploo is separated from her friends and finds herself in the company of Nit until morning. When she woke to find herself in Nit's car and he is undressing her, she misunderstands that he raped her. They go to the police station to sort out the matter and Nit insinuates that they did had sex even though they didn't and threaten if she presses charges she will lose face. Because this is conservative Thailand, she decides to save face rather go through the humiliation of being a person who was raped. When she goes home, her Aunt is very disappointed and decides to marry her off to Nit's father. Pissed that his father is marrying a girl with loose morals (I know, Nit is a conservative prick) and possibly a gold-digger, he takes advantage of Karnploo before her wedding day. After the wedding, Karnploo refuses to sleep with Nit's father because she doesn't want to commit the sin of sleeping with the son and the father. Because his wife is refusing to sleep with him, Nit's father seeks comfort with prostitutes and dies of a heartache during one of his appointments. Now the war begins because Nit's father divided his inheritance in half for Nit and Karnploo. Also, Karnploo learns she is pregnant with Nit's child. They battle for the inheritance and develop feelings for each other.
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