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Ivan Villagomez is a 30 years old rich man, but he wasn’t always like that. 11 years back he was the son of a maid and he fell for Maripaz Lomeli, the eldest daughter of a rich family.When Maripaz got pregnant,he was almost killed by her mother. Without a place to go he immigrates to USA there he meets a rich and kind businessman.Now he is back with revenge in mind willing to do anything just to know what happened to his child, but what happens when he meets again Maripaz's younger sister Lucia?
Genres: Romance, Telenovelas, Drama
Country: Mexico
Original title: La fuerza del Destino
Broadcast Network: Canal de las Estrellas
Broadcast Period: 2011-03-14 to 2011-07-31
Rating: PG-13
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