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Mujtaba moves to the US, where he lives with his uncle, in the hope of a better life.Since his childhood, Mujtaba is inclined towards his uncles daughter, Daneez, who turns out to be an arrogant snob. Daneez likes Shamreez since childhood, and both of them treat Mujtaba as a stupid churl. They plan a conspiracy against Mujtaba, as a result of which his uncle throws him out of his house. Then, a girl named Kiran, who has almost no understanding with any one within her family, arrives in his life.
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Country: Pakistan
Original title: كݘھ پيار کا پاگل پن
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Broadcast Network: Ary Digital
Broadcast Period: 2011-09-23 to 2012-03-10
Rating: PG-13
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