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About Nienna







I love music  and dramas from all over the world and I'm always willing to sub from english to spanish and viceversa. 




"Love Stories From Fukouka" [Complete] Channel Manager
"Ti Amo Chocolate"  Channel Manager
"I'm Pregnant With Your Baby" [English Subs Complete]     Channel Manager
"Kara Stragraphy" [Complete] Channel Manager
"M&N" [music channel] Channel Manager
"Bye, Old Times"[Completed] Channel Manager
"Qing Dao Love Story" [Completed] Channel Manager
"Shanghai Love Story" [Completed] Channel Manager
"To Each A Flower" [Completed] Channel Manager
"Beijing Love Story" [Completed] Channel Manager
Chong Qing Love Story" [Completed] Channel Manager
"Truth or Dare -Finale" [Completed] Channel Manager
"Happy Birthday" [Completed] Channel Manager
"2014 Taipei 101 New Years Eve Countdown" Channel Manager
"Cinderella season 1 (Floricienta)"  Channel Manager

“Dance Academy”

Co Channel Manager

"20's" [Complete] Spanish Moderator/Editor
"Land of Gold" Spanish Moderator

“Melody Of Love”

Spanish Moderator

"Beenzino" [music channel]

Spanish Moderator

"Love is not Blind" Spanish Moderator
"Boys Can Fly" Spanish Moderator
"Prime Minister and I" [In edition process] Spanish Moderator
"A happy Life" Spanish Moderator
"Hot Mom" Spanish Moderator
"Viki TV" Spanish Moderator
"Boys Before Friends" [on air] English and Spanish Moderator
"Kim Minjun" [music channel] Spanish Moderator
"Group of Women" Spanish Editor
"Man comes To Tang Dynasty" Spanish Moderator
"The Patisserie with no Name" Spanish Moderator
"K-much" [music channel] Spanish Moderator
"Easy Fortune Happy Life" [Completed] Spanish Moderator/Editor
"I Want To Get Married" [Completed] Spanish Moderator/Editor
"Perfect Mismatch" [Completed] Spanish Moderator/Editor
"Purple Love" [in edition process] Spanish Moderator/Editor
"Strands Of Love" Spanish Editor
"Fated To Love You" [Completed] Spanish Editor/Subtitler/Segmenter
"The Wedding Invitation" [Completed] Spanish Moderator

"Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo"[Completed]

English/Spanish Subtitler

“A Little Love Never Hurts”

Spanish Subtitler


Spanish Subtitler

"I Need Romance 3" Spanish Subtitler 
"Madly In Love" Spanish Subtitler 

“Big Boss 7”

English/Spanish Subtitler

Passionate Love”

Spanish Subtitler

"Jang Geun Suk" Video Uploader

“Basketball” [Completed]

Spanish Subtitler

Ugly Duckling”

English/Spanish Subtitler

 "Painted Skin" Spanish Subtitler 
"The Pursuit of Happiness" [Completed] Spanish Subtitler


  If you need any help with any project or anything you need, let me know.




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