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1. If true creation does not know that it exists, does this mean that knowing that we exist, means that we were never created?


2. Have we always been in existance? Are we celestial beings that don't exist in just one dimension, like our thoughts and intuitions and ever our dreams? Could it be that once we are born, we lose the ability to recall where our spirts have been?


3. Can we even distroy our spirits. Even the smallest of elements can't be truely distroyed. A proton which is the smallest particle that exist, can't even be complete destroyed. Everything breaks down to something else. Only we humans have the concept of something disappearing from existance when nothing really ceases to exist. It is just broken down further and further into smaller and smaller pieces.

4. It seems that we're the only self aware being in this infinite universe. Can  you even contimplate what it is to reach the end of something and there be nothing on the other side? If it's only space then what is at the end of that space? What is at the end of that empty space? A wall, but there's always more space or matter behind that wall. There is no such thing as the end of space.


5. There is no such thing as the end of particles. There is no such thing as the true end of anything. So why do you think there's even a true death? Only the evil and selfish man can truely believe that he will one day die and cease to exist when nothing else around him has ever truely ceased to exist.

6. So it would seem that the universe is infinite...eternal...without an end. Even if all the suns and stars in the universe were to somehow explode, be destroyed, there's still space and where there's space there's distance and where there's distance there has to be time.


7. What could all this mean? Are we also undistructable, never ending?

We possess the ultimate tool of creation...our imagination. What does imagination do besides give us the ability to create from nothingness? It itself is non-existant.


8. How can we prove that our thoughts even exist. That what we imagine exists at all? Our imagination holds no place in the physical realm so how can we say it's real? Oh but you know it's real. We ourself use it all the time to make things we can never have, a reality within your own desires, be they good or bad.

9. I've come to realize one truth and that is that no one, that knows they exist, has the ability to always overcome their own selfish desires. This is why the human race isn't and cannot be perfect. We don't have the ability to always do what's right and go against what our selfish desires want.


10. Do you want to be the greatest human being that has ever lived? Then do the one thing no man has ever done. Live without breaking any 'laws'. Live always obeying the rules. What, is that not possible? Can't we just choose to do what is right? Of course we can't always choose to do what is right. That's because we aren't alone. Someone or something has made it so that we have something inside each and every one of us, that always seeks to make us break the laws we impose on ourselves. There's something in all of us that will do whatever it can to make sure we cannot keep the 'law' of man and especially not the laws of God.


11. Animals who cannot contemplate their own existance and don't choose between good or evil, have something strong that helps them stay alive. This is the desire to survive, to not cease to exist. This keeps them alive and helps them choose what will prolong their bodily existance. But mankind has these animal instincts too that conflict with our other trait, which is the ability to choose. These two things put together, animal instincts to survive and ability to choose what we want, not what is best for us and especially not for others, is what makes us such such a corrupt and evil race of sentient beings. Is there truely no hope?


12. Look at how little we've evolved over the few thousands of years we've been able to grow as a human race? Our written records/data and collected knowledge through history can only prove we've existed for only a short amount of time, compared to how long the earth can be proven to have existed for. Where is our salvation? Who is going to save us from our own sinful nature? 


13. Typed out by killerbunnies. Someone who knows that no one's better then anyone else, in the eyes of God. But we can't see anyone else the way God sees us and that is as equals.

I numbered them in case someone wants to ask me about or comment about one of them.  Feel free to comment on my main page. I've only typed out what I think is mostly true in my own opinion. Of course as human beings we can only believe from what we've seen and exerienced ourselves. I can't make a person believe they can fly unless I can take them to an airport and place them in an airplane. ;D

^---I have to still proof read these and edit them for spelling and grammar errors to the best of my knowledge.

For those wondering what I look like...(below)Killerbunny


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