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Hi! School: Love On - Segmenter
Dirty Money & Love - Manager - Segmenter
Ebb And Tide - Manager, Segmenter
Kurt Seyit & Shura - Manager, Segmenter (Removed due content owner request)
Absolute Boyfriend - Segmenter, Serbian Moderator
Can I Love You - Segmenter
Kuzey Guney - Segmenter, Subtitler (Removed)
Kuzey Guney Season 2 - Manager, Segmenter, Subtitler (Removed)
Mercy - Manager, Segmenter
Karadayi - Manager (Removed)
The End - Manager, Segmenter
20 Minutes - Manager, Segmenter
Revenge - Manager
The Poor Road - Manager, Segmenter
Waiting For The Sun - Manager, Segmenter
Lost - Manager
Love - Manager
Conqueror - Manager
Wren - Manager
False Romantic - Manager
80's - Manager
Cocuklar Duymasin - Manager
Marriage School - Manager
Love Needs Effort - Manager
Most Recent Father Listen - Manager
Rich Girl, Poor Boy - Manager
Galaxy - Manager
Tatar Ramazan - Manager
Kizilelma - Manager
Live Out Of Spite - Manager
Old Story - Manager
What are you saying? - Manager
Kucuk Aga - Manager
Olive Topping - Manager
Pasa Gonlum - Manager
Homicide - Manager
I Miss You - Manager
Mercy Take 2 - Manager, Segmenter
Bugunun Saraylisi - Manager
Karadayi Take 2 - Manager, Segmenter (Removed due content owner request)
Faith - Segmenter
The Great Seer - Serbian Moderator
King Of Dramas - Serbian Moderator
Glass Mask - Segmenter
Ad Genius - Segmenter, Serbian Moderator
Queen Of Ambition - Segmenter, Serbian Moderator
Gu Family Book - Segmenter
Jang Ok Jeong - Segmenter
All About My Romance - Segmenter
A Hundred Years' Inheritance - Segmenter
Rude Miss Young Ae - Segmenter
That Winter, The Wind Blows - Segmenter, Serbian Moderator
When A Man Loves - Segmenter
Shark - Segmenter
The Queen's Classroom - Manager, Segmenter
Blade And Petal - Segmenter
Two Weeks - Segmenter
Master's Sun - Segmenter, Serbian Moderator
Who Are You - Serbian Moderator
Goddess Of Fire - Segmenter, Serbian Moderator
Goddess Of Marriage - Segmenter
Secret - Segmenter
Marry Him If You Dare - Segmenter
Heirs - Segmenter, Serbian Moderator
Medical Top Team - Segmenter
Basketball - Segmenter, Serbian Moderator
Reply 1994 - Segmenter
Beautiful Man - Segmenter
My Love From The Star - Segmenter
I Need Romance 3 - Segmenter
Inspiring Generation - Segmenter
Madly In Love - Segmenter
A Little Love Never Hurts - Segmenter
The Woman Who Married Three Times - Segmenter
Golden Rainbow - Segmenter
God's Gift, 14 Days - Segmenter
Three Days - Segmenter
A Witch's Romance - Segmenter
Doctor Stranger - Segmenter
A New Leaf - Segmenter
Hotel King - Segmenter
Princess Stand In (Taiwan) - Segmenter
Spring Love (Taiwan) - Segmenter
Two Fathers (Taiwan) - Segmenter, Serbian Moderator
Only You (Philippines) - Manager
Stolen Moments (Philippines) - Manager
Tropic (Venezuela) - Manager, Segmenter
Trapped (Venezuela) - Manager, Segmenter
Yearning For Your Love (Venezuela) - Manager
Just You (Taiwan) - Segmenter
Deja Vu (Taiwan) - Manager
Lovestore At The Corner (Taiwan) - Manager