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I love watching Taiwanese and Korean (modern) series. Too bad I don't understand the Korean language. So during my free time, I just help to segment and sub selected Taiwanese/Chinese series at Viki.

Being a lot busier at work now, I'll try to contribute - however little, whenever possible. For me, what's great at Viki is that it's all about team effort and every bit counts. :)




English subbed 'I've Lost' ( wo shu le   我 输 了 ) 

An OST of 'Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year'

On a mini break from work, I'm suddenly in the mood to rewatch a 2010 series from Mainland China, Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year (zū gè nǚ yǒu huí jiā guò nián  租个女友回家过年). Culture-rich, it beautifully blends life in modern China and ancient tradition. Of all the OSTs in it, I like one of Zhāng Zhì Lín's songs the most. Here's a CLIP on that OST, I've Lost (wǒ shū le 我输了) and the synopsis of the series. Do give this 24-episode romantic comedy a go. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised like I was.

The bickering pair: Sun Yi Wei (Du Chun) & Chu Xiao Xiao (Xue Jia Ning). 



Latest Revised Broadcast Date for

'My Pig Lady' a.k.a. 'Go, Single Lady' 

Well, we've already waited so long, so what's another 4 months, right?  GRRrrr...!!!! Yes, according to a Soompi thread, we'll only catch Mike He and Ady An in Ep. 1 of 'My Pig Lady' on 8 August, 2014. Fingers crossed, there won't be any more delays. 



Check out Taiwanese Romantic Comedy

'Sweet, Sweet Bodyguard' 

A 'must watch' for fans of Alien Huáng, huáng hóng sheng / xiǎo guǐ  (黄鸿升 / 小鬼)Teresa / Summer Mèng,  mèng  gěng rú  (孟耿如)lǐ lǐ rén  (李李仁) and yuán ài fēi  (袁艾菲).

Want to find out what's the plot all about? Check out the Sweet, Sweet Bodyguard channel for more information. Don't forget to click on the 'Fans Favorited' button if you like the series. There's also a Youtube Clip about the series.


Two OSTs, the opening theme song and the ending song, have been subtitled in English at Viki. Click on each song title to watch the clips on:

Chemistry Loveshén hún diàn dào 神魂电到 ) sung by Elleya Táo, táo yán lín (陶妍霖)

You don't Know  sung by Coke Lee, lǐ wéi fēng (李 唯 楓).


Finally! I'm Proudly a Seg101 Graduate.

I'm officially out of bootcamp. My training's complete and I'm ready to start segmenting again. Many thanks to countless people who've helped me reach this point, through their contributions, making the Seg101 Project happen, and through their guidance, honing my segmenting skills. To all of them, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks. Last but not least, I owe my success to the most awewome mentor any student could have wished for, AmyPun. Sensei, I've made it with your help. Here's a simple clip of my tribute to you....:) AmyPun-SImplyTheBest




Viki’s Segmenter 101 Project: Progress Chart

Mentor: AmyPun       Student: terata1

Graduated with 5 passes each 

in Graduate Videos 1 (Spanish) and 2 (Korean).

Thanks to my awesome mentor AmyPun 

and special thanks to

the Graduate Panel members who each graded both videos:     mihaelaghcgwm808, RoxieHar, marykarmelina and honnas.










Go, Single Lady:  Extended Trailer

Finally! An extended trailer for this series. Airing date? No mention of it yet but at least we know it's going to be aired sometime. Here's an English-subbed extract from the Extended Trailer. EXTRACT


Here's the  [Extended Trailer]《上流俗女》片花 (安以轩, 贺军翔). (Clip thanks to uploader:        Maddie Zheng).

Read more about the PREVIEW  (thanks to Bongsd @ Viki for this information and to ockoala for the writeup).



Unfair (bu gong ping 不 公 平)  Sung by Jenny Yang

Opening Theme Song for GTV's Taiwanese Series 'The Outsiders 1'

For some reason, I can't get an opening theme song out of my head. Heard it yesterday while subbing the Taiwanese series 'The Outsiders 1'. Catch the series, subtitled in English and other languages at Viki. Perhaps you might like the song, too. Here is the song:  Unfair (bù gong píng / 不公平)

I now find myself watching 'The Outsiders 1', primarily because Ady An acted in it. A consolation I guess, after her new series 'Go, Single Lady' failed to air as scheduled. She's great here, caught between two hunks, Dylan Kuo and Blue Lan. I say: What lucky guys, getting to act with the beautiful Ady An!



Go, Single Lady to Premiere After Summer 2014?

Go, Single Lady a.k.a. Upper-Class Common Girl is scheduled to be broadcast in Taiwan after summer 2014? That's the current hearsay. The broadcast date has changed several times now. What else can I do but patiently wait to see Mike He and Ady An lip-locking and in wedding attire? When it's aired,  this series will be subtitled in English and other languages here at Viki.


Love Family 

I've taken on another project as a subber. Ke Wei Xiang (Chris Wang in 'Inborn Pair') is back in another very promising series 'Family Love'. Check it out if you like.:) I loved working on and watching his 84-episode 'Inborn Pair' series and suspect I'd love this one too.




Go, Single Lady:  Mike He Swoops Down on Ady An

With Mike He, the Kissing King, there's no such thing as half-hearted peck on the lips. Here's a taste of what's to come in 'Go, Single Lady'. Let the sparks fly!

(Picture thanks to



Upper-Class Common Girl: Who's Who

Michael Zhang's Set Visit


The Cast:

Mike He (hè jūn xiáng 贺军翔) as  Fàn Jiāng Yǔ (范姜禹)

Ady An (ān yǐ xuān 安以轩)  as Wáng Màn Líng (王曼玲)

Jiàn Xìn (见信)  as   Wèi Zhī  Sū (未知苏)

Fù Xīn Bó  (付辛博) as Wěi Chéng  (伟成)

Elaine Wan (wàn wěi qiáo  万纬乔) as Wèi Zhī (未知)

Hè Yī Háng (贺一航) as Màn Líng’s dad

Lín Měi Xiù (林美秀) as Màn Líng’s mom

[From Baidu ]


Fu Xin Bo, Ady An Yi Xuan, Mike He Jun Xiang, Michael Zhang Xun Jie & Amanda Zhou Xiao Han.

ETtoday reported that Michael Zhāng Xūn Jié (张勋杰) recently brought along coffee for the staff and crew members of Upper-Class Common Girl (shàng liú sú nǚ 上流俗女), when he visited good pals, Ady An and Mike He on the set. Michael’s junior, Amanda Chou (zhōu xiǎo hán) looked very photogenic posing with her short hairstyle and grabbed attention showing her lovely legs.


Introducing Ady An's family in 'Upper-Class Common Girl' ...

Here's a picture of Ady An's family in 'Upper-Class Common Girl'.

[Credits: Picture and information thanks to moo1304 @ Asianfanatics' 'Upper-Class Common Girl' Forum.]

Oh, by the way, did anyone know that Elaine Wan (万玮乔)who will be appearing in the drama, is actually the cousin of Ady An?



Highly-Anticipated Upcoming Series:

'Upper-Class Common Girl' with Mike He & Ady An 

Co-stars: Mike He Jun Xiang and Ady An Yi Xuan


Cameras started rolling for GTV's highly-anticipated new Taiwanese idol drama on April 9, 2013. It's brought together Mike He / hè jūn xiáng (贺军翔) and one of my favourite Taiwanese actresses, Ady An / ān yǐ xuān (安以轩). Other cast members include: Shin / sū jiàn xìn  (苏见信) fù xīn bó (付辛博) and Elaine Wan (万玮乔)Watch this 22-episode series with English subtitles at VIKI's Upper-Class Common Girl  (shàng liú sú nǚ  上流俗女) channel when it is aired.

I like the plot which will see a reversal of fortunes for a mean, rich boy and a poor pig-farm girl. Can't wait to see Mike He's character eating humble pie at the hands of Ady An's. More on the storyline here. The last time I watched an Ady An series was when she was in the second highest rated Taiwanese idol drama of all time, Autumn's Concerto. Let's watch sparks fly as kissing king Mike He collides with beautiful Ady An in this upcoming series.


Georgie + Annie = Sizzling Chemistry

[Credit: Picture thanks to Bongsd @ Asianfanatics 'Love, Now' Forum]


.Series I've committed to:..



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Love Actually (China) - Segmenter, Subtitler <16-3-2013>

Love, Now (Taiwan) - Segmenter, Subtitler, Forumer <11-3-2013>

Summer Fever (Taiwan) - Segmenter, Subtitler

Inborn Pair/True Love (Taiwan) - Moderator (Eng), Segmenter, Subtitler, Forumer

The Queen of SOP (China) - Subtitler

Happy Michelin Kitchen (Taiwan-China) - Segmenter, Subtitler

I Love You So Much (Taiwan-China) - Segmenter

Office Girls (Taiwan) - Subtitler



Second Life (Taiwan) - Subtitler (Part-time)

Love Family (Taiwan) - Subtitler

Bodyguard (China) - Subtitler



Sweet, Sweet Bodyguard (Taiwan) - Segmenter

My Pig Lady (Taiwan) - Moderator, Segmenter




Graduated from Viki's Seg101 Project with 5 passes each in Korean & Spanish - Mon 17 Mar 2014

Started bootcamp training (Viki's Seg 101 ) with mentor AmyPun  - Sun 10 Nov 2013


Completed subbing Ep.72 (finale) of 'Love, Now' - 2.40pm, 11 Mar 2013


Cut 100,000 segments while working on 'Love, Now' Ep.44 Pt.4

- 22 January 2013

Completed subbing Ep.84 (finale) of 'Inborn Pair/True Love' - 08 Dec 2012

Granted Power Segmenter Status - 27 June 2012

Cut 20,000 segments upon completing 'Happy Michelin Kitchen' Ep.18 Pt.2
- 24 June 2012

Granted QC Status - 20 May 2012






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