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Infinite Challenge, West Coast Highway Festival #11 서해안 고속도로 가요제 , MBC TV

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10cm: 스토커 Fan Channel
10cm: 스토커
EN 100% Korea
10cm: 쓰담쓰담 Fan Channel
10cm: 쓰담쓰담
EN 100% Korea
10cm: 그리워라 Fan Channel
10cm: 그리워라
EN 100% Korea
10cm: That's not Fan Channel
10cm: That's not
EN 100% Korea


CSI: 10cm and Orange Caramel : 10cm Fan Channel
Good Concert 20 second tapping: 10cm Fan Channel
10cm Infinite Challenge : 10cm Fan Channel
Infinite Challenge 10cm and HaHa: 10cm Fan Channel

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