The story is about a beautiful, simple village woman named Vidya (Divyanka Tripathi) from Benaras. She is a Cinderella-type who does all the work in her household and her uncle, aunt and cousin torture her. They don't allow Vidya to get an education, leaving her illiterate. Soon, Rajendra Pratap Singh (the local Thakur) comes to Benaras to find a wife for his son Sagar. Vidya and Sagar meet for the first time while Sagar is swimming in the Ganges river and Vidya is washing clothes. Sagar's father sees Vidya and decides that she will be his daughter-in-law, not caring that she is a big boy. On her wedding day, Vidya finds out that Sagar is mentally unstable, having the mindset of an eight-year-old due to an accident that almost claimed his life. Sagar does not realize he is married; he and Vidya get off to a rocky start. Sindoora, Sagar's evil stepsister, arrives and confronts Rajendra about the marriage, leading to his heart attack and death. Sagar becomes the sole heir to the Pratap Singh fortune. However, Sindoora wants the Thakur property to herself and will go to any height to gain it.

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2006-08-14 to 2009-05-28