Secret of Superstar is about the corrupt and scandalous world of the Entertainment business. Gun (played by Mos) is a famous star who has everything going for him: Fame, money, and women. His life is turned upside down when he encounters Nae Dao (Bee Namthip), an ambition fame-whore actress who is willing to do anything to become a superstar, even trading her body and soul. Nae Dao is advised by her manager to seduce Gun so that she can feed off his fame. Nae Dao starts seducing Gun and he falls for it. Gun wants to keep their relationship private while Nae Dao secretly makes it open news to the media. Nae Dao also keeps a very damaging secret from Gun about her past. She has been seeing Tee, a fallen actor and Gun’s former best friend, for the past two years. When Tee (Captain) finds out that his ex-girlfriend Nae Dao left him for Gun, he goes on a media rampage. Nae Dao spins the news to her advantage and makes Tee a third party in her relationship with Gun. Though Nae is officially seeing Gun, she still maintains her relationship with Tee. When Gun finds out about their ongoing relationship, Gun drinks himself silly and sleeps with his young innocent servant girl Baan (Best). During his drunkard stupor, he mistaken thought Baan was Nae Dao. Baan becomes pregnant with Gun’s child. Nae Dao finds out about it and tries to make Baan miscarry. She pushes Bann down a flight of stairs. Luckily, Gun witnessed the whole thing and takes her to the hospital. Fearing that Nae Dao will hurt the mother of his child and his child, Gun hides Baan from everyone. He secretly starts a relationship with Baan away from prying eyes. He cares for her, takes her shopping for baby clothes, and pretty much becomes her hubby. Tee somehow finds out about Gun’s secret life and Gun now has to make a choice–Family or fame.

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Channel 5
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2008-07-31 to 2008-10-01
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