*NIP - Not identified personnel NIP : Why do you want to be a pediatric practitioner? JSW : If your sole reason is to work with kids , don't be a doctor , work as an educator in the kindergarten! MCW : Professor ! (seems like to shut him up LOL) NIP : Park Shi On is plagued by Savant Syndrome. NIP: Is our hospital a welfare sector for the disabled? NIP: Why aren't you paying attention (in getting something done) nowadays? JW : We don't have sufficient time. The surgery must proceed earlier ! JSW : Please lower your voice. This is a surgery theater ! MCW : This fella......just get him out of my sight! Are you seriously treating me as a doctor ?! JSW : If you want to work under me , there are two conditions : Don't do any wrong , don't argue to explain your point. Translation from aichi514 from Baidu @ MCW Bar

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Romanized title
Goot Dakteo
Also known as
Green Mes, Green Scalpel
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2013-08-05 to 2013-10-15
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