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A rich girl, Zhou Xiao Tong (Ady An), hopes to find someone who loves her truthfully and not for her family wealth. One day, there are employees' dissatisfaction due to her Grandfather's "Jin Xian" powerful management style and a new staff Yu Zhi Hao (Sun Yi Zhou) cleverly rescued the situation. His wits and honesty left a good impression on Zhou Xiao Tong however Yu Zhi Hao is a 80s male who grew up from the orphanage. Hence there is strong opposition by Xiao Tong's grandfather. After that grandfather's sudden disappearance/death caused Xiao Tong's worry-free life to become nothing. A series of events happened after that and Xiao Tong has to face all the challenges bravely. Meanwhile, she has also found true love. [Taken from MyDramaList]

Genres: Drama
Original title: 全民公主
Country: China
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Broadcast Network: Hunan TV
Broadcast Period: 2013-07-17 to 2013-07-27
Rating: PG-13