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Chichay is a girl with big dreams for her tight-knit family, while Joaquin is a rich but lonely boy with parents on the verge of separating. While they become close as kids, the two part ways when Joaquin is hit by a stray bullet to the head. But as fate would have it, the two as teens literally bump into each other at the same place they first met. Join Chichay and Joaquin as they embark into real world. Will Chichay's "never say die" motto be enough for her to reach all her dreams? What will turn Joaquin's world upside down and make him realize that despite his wealth, he needs "magic" to make his life complete?

Genres: Romance
Country: Philippines
Broadcast Network: ABS-CBN
Broadcast Period: 2013-08-26 to 2013-08-26
Rating: PG-13