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Mahir is stressed because of Feride’s proposal to work together. To accept this offer means he will put the life of the women he loves in danger. But, Feride is determined. If Mahir says “no”, he knows she will continue to go on her own way. So in order to keep her close, he accepts the offer. Daylan Riza is released from prison and he learns from Mahir what Necdet did behind his back. He wants to settle the score, but Mahir asks him to wait for a while, even though he accepts, he will not stand idle. After handling the shipment without problems, Turgut finds the opportunity to deal with Serra. He needs to get his hands on the evidence as soon as possible, and get rid of it together with Serra. However, they are not aware that Mahir is going after the evidence too. After reviewing all confidential files, Feride, Mahir and Yasin learn about Serra’s secret safe box. All it is left now is to find out what was hidden there. But, this won’t be as easy as they think.

Genres: Romance, Action & Adventure, Crime & Mystery, Drama
Original title: Karadayi 2
Country: Turkey
Volunteer Channel Team: Karadayi Take 2 Team The volunteer team (people just like you!) that has written the subtitles on these videos. Want to join the fun? Contact the Channel Manager!
Broadcast Network: ATV
Rating: PG-13