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Serra, deluded into going to choose a wedding gown at the shop, gets shocked when she comes face to face with Mahir and Yasin. Feride and Mahir tell about everything they have found, and they give Serra two options to choose from: Either she testifies against Turgut and admits of everything, or let the truth come out and be judged before the court as Turgut's accomplice. This will be Serra's most difficult and important decision she will ever make in her whole life... Turgut finds out that Serra and Feride did not go to the bridal dressmaker. He becomes convinced that Feride is going after him. In order to prevent from being reached, he pulls the trigger (not literal) on Serra first. Serra, unaware of the trip with no return that Turgut has planned for her, has made a decision and has chosen a side. While Feride and Mahir are waiting for Serra's response, they receive news from someone totally unexpected. They learn about an information at an unexpected time; they become witnesses once again of Turgut's evilness (wickedness) that knows no boundaries. They decide to stop Turgut. However to do this, they must know of his whereabouts... In fact, the clock is now ticking...

Genres: Romance, Action & Adventure, Crime & Mystery, Drama
Original title: Karadayi 2
Country: Turkey
Volunteer Channel Team: Karadayi Take 2 Team The volunteer team (people just like you!) that has written the subtitles on these videos. Want to join the fun? Contact the Channel Manager!
Broadcast Network: ATV
Rating: PG-13