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Ch.7 2004 But its a story about a girl who's ugly. Looks kind of a horse actually. She falls head over heels over a Prince. But he hates her and tries everything possible to get rid of her. One moment in the series the prince and his father makes up this plan that their country was in trouble and she needed to save them. In order to do so, she has to go and cut the top of a white mountain off. There she goes and meet this elderly man who tells her that there was no such thing. He makes her sit and after awhile she turns into this beautiful lady. However she stays ugly through out the series so she can make the Prince fall in love with her for who she is. As it goes on, the Prince marries a Princess who's quite evil and mean and even starts a war with his country. And met some Giants and ends up marrying 2 sisters.

Genres: Romance, SciFi & Fantasy, Comedy, Drama
Original title: แก้วหน้าม้า
Country: Thailand
Rating: PG-13