What happens when you think you are living an ideal life with a loving husband who runs a successful business? But one day, you discover that your husband is having an affair? Song Mi Kyung (Kim Ji Su) is a happy housewife who is the envy of her neighbors. But she learns that her husband, Yoo Jae Hak (Ji Jin Hee), is going through a mid-life crisis affair with another woman, Na Eun Jin (Han Hye Jin). What will she do now and what will become of her life? “A Word From Warm Heart,” also known as “Kind Words” or “One Warm Word,” is a 2013 South Korean drama series directed by Choi Hyeong Hun.

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Romanized title
Ddaddeukhan Mal Hanmadi
Also known as
Kind Words, One Warm Word
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Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2013-12-02 to 2014-02-24
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