"Rift Of A Nation" is a 2013 Serbian historical drama... This is an epic media endeavor, with all the attributes of a national project and with an immense historical importance and great social responsibility. For the first time ever, one project tells a story with objective and historically truthful representation of the dramatic events in Serbia in April and May of 1941, without single-mindedness and usual ignoring of the truth, without judgment and false labeling, „Rift of a nation“ pays tribute to the greatest aspirations of Serbian people, regardless of their political dogmas. When speaking of historically accurate resistance movements in Serbia in 1941, communist or chetnik, who, until the start of civil war in November 1941, closely cooperated in combat against the common invader, this project has a goal to demystify one-sided ideological follies and to correct the tragic historical injustice for those who were patriots, but stigmatized and belittled for decades on the basis of ideology. In the center of „Rift of a nation“ is Taralic family, from the village of Planinica on the slopes of Ravna Gora. The destiny, suffering and troubles of this family become a metaphor for the collective tragedy of Serbian people in the turmoil of history. The protagonists are authentic historical characters and amongst them: King Petar II, generals Dusan Simovic and Bora Mirkovic, colonel Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic, Josip Broz Tito, Slobodan Penezic Krcun, Davorjanka Paunovic, the member of the Academy Slobodan Jovanovic, Milan Nedic, Milan Acimovic, majors Miodrag Palosevic and Aleksandar Misic, and many other officers, nameless NCO-s, soldiers, citizens, peasants and common people...

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2013-11-10 to 2014-01-12
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