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A young Korean struggles to survive and protect the life of his sister during a tumultuous time in history. Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong) works at odd jobs from the age of 15 during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai in the 1930s after his father disappears, leaving him to take care of his sister. When his sister needs surgery to live, Jung Tae must find a way to get the money to pay for it. With his superior fighting skills, Jung Tae gets embroiled in the dangerous Dobinori smuggling gang, which promises to give him the money he so desperately needs. Jung Tae’s heart is torn between two women – the sweet Yoon Ok Ryeon (Jin Se Yeon), who aspires to become a singer, and the cold and calculating Deguchi Gaya (Lim Soo Hyang), who trains to become a sword fighter to avenge her parents’ death. What kind of a future will the young Korean ex-patriots have in China during such harsh times? “Inspiring Generation (aka Age of Feeling)” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Jung Kyu. It is based on the comic series “Inspiring Generation,” originally published from 1985 to 1988, by Bang Hak Ki.

Genres: Action & Adventure, Korean Drama, Costume & Period, Drama
Original title: 감격시대
Country: Korea
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Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: 2014-01-15 to 2014-04-03
Rating: PG-13