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In order to fight with Shinichi, JungTae learns from the hunter. On the day of the fight, JungTae goes on a date with OkRyeon. After the date, JungTae heads toward Il Gook Hwae. At the same time, Bong Shiek heads toward Ill Gook Hwae to protect Jung Tae. Poong Cha gets the wind of what Bong Shiek is up to. Poong Cha goes instead. He sees injured Jung Tae on the ground and fights with many swordsmen, another scene where Seong Duek gets sexually assaulted by Gokubo. Due to this, the hunter takes care of Gokubo and his assistant. About at the same time, Aoki receives message from Japan of wanted drawing of Hal Awh Bin assassination suspect...

Genres: Action & Adventure, Korean Drama, Costume & Period, Drama
Original title: 감격시대
Country: Korea
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Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: 2014-01-15 to 2014-04-03
Rating: PG-13