At what point in life should you stop trying to please others and go after what you really want? Zha Mei Le (Cyndi Wang) grew up trying to prove her own worth to everyone around her. As a child, Mei Le accidentally overhears her parents discussing a divorce and how neither parent wanted custody of her because they thought she was dumb. Trying to prove them wrong and earn her parents’ love, the sweet Mei Le dives into her schoolwork and tries to master everything around her. She grows into an adult who works tirelessly, has a great attitude and has attained every certification (from IT to baking) that she can earn. Han Yi Feng (Shi Yi Nan) is attracted to her positive energy, and the two become engaged. Mei Le abandons her lucrative job in finance to help Yi Feng open a bakery and wins over the hearts of his family in the process. That is, except for Yi Feng’s spoiled brother, Han Yi Lie (Mike He), an egotistical guy who immediately dislikes her. But when Mei Le’s relationship with Yi Feng takes an unexpected turn, can she make a tough decision to find her own happiness? “Love Keeps Going” is a 2011 Taiwanese drama series directed by Ke Hanchen. It is based on the Taiwanese novel Wang’s Love Song.

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Romanized title
Mei Le Jia You
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2011-06-05 to 2011-08-28
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