Oh Mi Sun (Jang Shin Yeong), a stewardess who manages the drinks and food on the “red-eye” train from Yeosu to Seoul, is working during the train’s final run before it will be retired. Exactly 10 years earlier, the same train crashed and killed 250 people on board, including Mi Sun’s father, who was a guard on the train. Others making the final voyage on the train have ties to that fateful crash. A brother and sister, who were young kids riding the train with their parents 10 years earlier, may hold the key to the cause of the earlier crash and the supernatural forces that seem intent to crash the current train. Will history repeat itself or will Mi Sun and the spirit of her death father be able to avert another terrible tragedy? “Red Eye” is a 2005 South Korean horror film by director Kim Dong Bin.

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Redeu Ai
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