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There is a hierarchy to being an older single woman in Korean society. There’s the “gold miss,” which is 30+, single, successful and proud. But below that is the “yellow miss,” which is 30+, broke and miserable. Yoo Jin (Ye Ji Won), a 32-year-old unemployed woman who has a habit of blacking out after drinking binges, would fall into the latter category. When she wakes up naked in a hotel room after another drunken night, she realizes that she has just had a one-night stand but can’t remember anything about it. When the hotel slaps her with a hefty bill, Yoo Jin is outraged and is determined to find out the identity of the mystery man. It could be a long list of men, including her first love or her longtime platonic friend Cheol Jin (Tak Jae Hoon), but can she handle finding out the shocking answer? “While You Were Sleeping,” also known as “What Happened Last Night?” and “One Shot,” is a 2008 South Korean comedy by director Kim Jeong Min.

Genres: Romance, Comedy
Original title: 당신이 잠든 사이에
Country: Korea
Broadcast Network: Ch3 Pau Jing Jong
Rating: PG-13