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Modern-day military officers are transported back 400 years and come face-to-face with a crucial part of Korean history. North and South Korea, under international pressure, hold a secret meeting to disarm a jointly developed nuclear warhead and close down the nuclear facility. Unhappy about the conciliation between the two Koreas, North Korean Major Kang Min Gil (Kim Seung Woo) and his men steal the warhead. A South Korean special forces platoon led by Major Park Jung Woo (Hwang Jeong Min) is given the covert mission to go after Major Kang and retrieve the warhead. But when a comet comes dangerously close to the Earth, it causes a time rift and sends both groups of soldiers, along with a scientist, Dr. Kim Su Yeon (Kong Hyo Jin), back to the year 1572. As Major Park and his men try to locate the missing nuke, they meet a young Admiral Yi Sun Shin (Park Joong Hoon), who is working as a petty smuggler and is nothing like the legendary military leader of history. The men become embroiled in the Koreans’ fight against Jurchen invaders during the Chosun Dynasty, as they also try to train Admiral Yi to become the great military officer he should be. Will the modern officers be able to locate the nuke and return to modern times? “Heavenly Soldiers” is a 2005 South Korean military comedy written and directed by Min Joon Ki.

Genres: Action & Adventure, Costume & Period, Drama
Original title: 천군
Country: Korea
Broadcast Network: Sidus Pictures
Rating: PG-13