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A corrupt police officer’s life as he knows it changes overnight when he is bitten by a mosquito. The same mosquito supposedly responsible for the transformation of Count Dracula in Transylvania has found its way to Seoul and claimed its next victim. Na Do Yol (Kim Soo Ro) soon starts thirsting for blood and discovers that he has superhuman powers whenever he gets, let’s just say, “excited.” As he tries to deal with his strange new existence, the vampire cop realizes that all of the bad behavior from his the past is coming back to haunt him, as well as threatening the safety of his partner and girlfriend. Will Do Yol redeem himself and learn to use his newfound superpowers for good? “Vampire Cop Ricky” is a hilarious 2006 South Korean film directed by Lee Si Myung that combines science fiction, action thriller and martial arts genres in one movie.

Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Comedy, Crime & Mystery
Original title: 흡혈형사 나도열
Country: Korea
Broadcast Network: Smfilm/Chungeoram [에셈필름/청어람]
Rating: NC-17