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Hong Moo Hyuk (Lee Bum Soo) is a mild-mannered music teacher by day and a modern-day Robin Hood by night. His family is a direct descendant of Hong Gil Dong, a famous thief who stole from the rich and gave to the poor during South Korea’s Chosun Dynasty. Assisted by his parents (Park In Hwan and Kim Ja Ok) and younger brother, Chan Hyuk (Jang Ki Beom), Moo Hyuk leads a secret double life fighting modern villains using high-tech gadgets. His main nemesis is corrupt businessman Lee Jung Min (Kim Su Ro), whose cunning schemes seem almost too difficult for Moo Hyuk to overcome. Can Moo Hyuk continue his nightly escapades when he wants to marry his girlfriend, Yeon Hwa (Lee Si Young), whose brother (Sung Dong Il) is a prosecutor determined to bring his family to justice? “The Righteous Thief,” also known as “Descendants of Hong Gil Dong,” is a 2009 South Korean film by director Jeong Yong Ki, who also directed “Marrying the Mafia III.”

Genres: Romance, Action & Adventure, Comedy
Original title: 홍길동의 후예
Country: Korea
Broadcast Network: HBS HunanTV
Broadcast Period: 2011-01-14 to 2011-01-30
Rating: PG-13