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The amazing thing about love is that it can spring from the most unlikely places and between improbable people. In this critically acclaimed 2002 South Korean film by director Lee Chang Dong, Jong Du (Sol Kyung Gu), a mentally challenged young man who wrongfully served time in prison for a hit-and-run car accident, falls in love with Gong Ju (Moon So Ri), the victim’s daughter who has severe cerebral palsy. As the unlikely romance flourishes, both Jong Du and Gong Ju face cruel mistreatment from their families and other people they encounter. Also known as Oázis, the film reunites the two leads from the director’s previous film, “Peppermint Candy.” It won the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Young Actor (Moon So Ri) and Silver Lion for Best Director (Lee Chang Dong) at the Venice International Film Festival and the Best Actress (Moon So Ri) award at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Genres: Drama
Original title: 이창동 감독의 오아시스
Country: Korea
Broadcast Network: East Film
Rating: PG-13